Top 5 Ways to Wrap Wine

Wine is an ideal holiday gift and will literally make you the toast of the party. First, you will forever be hailed as a thoughtful gift-giver if you choose a bottle that has some personal significance to the recipient. Keep your ears open during the year for your family and friends’ wine preferences. Simply knowing what varietal or appellation they enjoy shows that you care and customized their gift. The perfect Port for your difficult Father-in-Law could make his heart grow 3 sizes—like the Grinch. Imagery Wines also have the added benefit of having cool labels. Scan our current releases and see if any of the label art reminds you of a loved one or embodies a story that you share.

The best thing about gifting wine is that shopping online is seamless and you can send it directly to the recipient’s address.  We have even organized fun gift packs that offer variety and tremendous value. With Holiday Gift Packs like Taste of Bordeaux, it’s the closest thing to winter vacation in France. For White Wine only drinkers, we have the perfect bundle entitled Dreaming of a White Holiday. Rare, worldly wines like Malbec, Tempranillo, and Lagrein will broaden the horizon of everyone from aspiring wino to seasoned connoisseur. Call our Elves for assistance in picking the perfect present at 800-989-8890 or click here to shop online.

Remember, Wine always trumps Fruitcake. Now here are the Top 5 Ways to Wrap a Wine Bottle

1. Recycled Sweater Wine Bottle Bag

Turn an old Holiday Sweater into a gift bag. This blog from Lesley Litrento explains the process


2. Craft a Holiday Cover with Felt

The options are endless and allows you the most versatility in showing off your holiday flair. $5 dollars at the Craft Store and anything is possible! Make a Snowman, Christmas Tree, Reindeer or Elf with Cotton Beards.


3. Funny Gift Tags

This is perfect for the helpless husband still struggling with gift wrap. Such hilarious cards as “Egg Nog is for sissies” or “Holiday Survival Kit” will spread cheer. Check these cards on Etsy that will make your kooky Aunt roll in laughter

4. Ugly Sweater

e3b6e9649a2ef5f538745e010909a6b8Overachievers can go the Martha Stewart route and knit these themselves. Sur La Table makes an Ugly Sweater Wine Bottle that will cost you $12.




5. Twinec8134887cc610def7e95c527911f0916

Extremely time consuming but perfect for someone who treasures homemade gifts. Jane with Fabulous by Design explains the process here. Once the wine is polished off, the Twine Wrapped Bottle can be used as Holiday Décor forever.


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