Promo on Code Blue, Is it True?

Joe Benziger loves to slyly pose the question: “What’s the difference between me and my other brothers?” He will then proudly blurt out… “They all have gray hair!” Joe attributes his youthful locks to eating a basket of blueberries every day. Despite his obsessive consumption of blueberries, Joe has yet to balloon up like the snotty girl in Willy Wonka. Blueberries are one of the few fruits native to North America. More importantly, it is the key ingredient in Imagery’s most innovative wine: Code Blue. We are currently offering $10 shipping on a case or more of Code Blue. This offer is good until September 1st. Click this link to claim the promotion!

Code Blue is a tasting room favorite and consists of Syrah that is cofermented with blueberry wine. About 1 ton of blueberries were picked in June and kept frozen until the grape harvest. Both the blueberries and Syrah grapes are sourced from the Serres Ranch, which is located about a mile from Imagery Winery. The Syrah goes into small, open top tanks and the frozen blueberries are added to the mix.  It is one part blueberry and two parts Syrah, which equals 100% deliciousness. Check out this video and see Joe Benziger personally craft Code Blue!


Code Blue is very aromatic and bursts with ripe, bold flavors. The classic Syrah adds body, structure, and just a little bit of spice. The blueberries give this wine lush fruit components.  It is a phenomenal party wine. The novelty of drinking a wine made with actual blueberries is an easy icebreaker.

The known health benefits of both wine and blueberries are all the more reason to double down on Code Blue. Blueberries are powerful antioxidants that promote nervous system and brain health. Besides being the catalyst in many of your most memorable evenings, wine is proven to lower the risk of heart disease and slow brain decline. Joe Benziger is no Dr. Oz. But he is quite the mad scientist when it comes to winemaking.

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