Vernon Davis the All-Pro…Artist?

Vernon Davis’ freakish athleticism makes him one of the most feared targets in the NFL, but this Saturday the Forty-Niner superstar will be showcasing a different skill set at Imagery. Davis is also a talented artist who possesses an unwavering desire to foster creativity with disadvantaged youth. Imagery is proud to host Krave the Unexpected, which will benefit the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts.

vd foundation

Vernon Davis has partnered with Krave Jerky in presenting a wine country soiree that will feature an art show, live performances, a silent auction, and lawn games under the Sonoma sun. Krave has put together an eclectic menu of all things Sonoma and California: jerky inspired bites by local Proprietor Sondra Bernstein and the Girl & the Fig Executive Chef John Toulze, along with gourmet treats from Imagery Wine Estates, Vella Cheese Company, Three Twins Ice Cream, Chocolate Ribbons and Firestone-Walker Brewing. Imagery will be closing the tasting room at 3pm on Saturday to accommodate this fundraiser. We invite you to complimentary tastings at our sister winery Benziger if you were planning on visiting us during this time.

Davis’ childhood in inner-city Washington DC and his fear of being ostracized for his love of art inspired the foundation’s creation. There was simply no infrastructure or support system to encourage his interest in the arts. Vernon has stated that he feels “its very important that I reach out to these kids and let them know [pursuing art] is OK. You can miss out on a great opportunity if you don’t follow your heart.” He describes his own creative process in a way strikingly similar to the football field: “I just get into a zone, kinda like before a game…Usually, I don’t know where I am going with the painting until its done.” Vernon is a world class human being and we are honored to provide the setting for a very worthwhile cause.

vd pic

 Joe Benziger wiped out all the winemaking chemistry from the laboratory white boards and has been feverishly drawing up plays for the All-Pro. His excitement for this event makes Coach Harbaugh seem tame. The entire Imagery staff is very optimistic that this is the year the Niners will finally get over the hump and win the Super Bowl. We will have to recruit Vernon to design the commemorative wine label celebrating the championship. Red and gold featuring the Lombardi trophy…with the Parthenon in the reflection of course.

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