A Club for the Creative


Here at Imagery, we believe that winemaking has so much in common with traditional art and we are always looking for new ways to celebrate that place where art and wine intersect and bring it to our guests.

Hence, we are proud that 2014 is the inaugural year for our newly-formed Artistry Wine Club. In this club we’re introducing four new blends that represent Joe Benziger’s interpretation of renowned wine growing regions throughout the world. The wines are named for critical stages in the artistic process; from the spark of inspiration, to the connection between the artist and the observer as the work is interpreted.

Our Artistry Series features four shipments of three wines each. The wines celebrate art and travel, and are great for collectors of both wine and art as they are made to age and feature a breathtaking label by our Curator, Bob Nugent and his wife Lynda. In order to see the full piece of art, you must collect all four wines from that year’s collection, the piece will then be revealed when the wines are lined up. Pretty clever, eh?

Here is a little extra information about each of the wines:

Inspiration is a Spanish blend of Tempranillo, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Tempranillo, this Spanish blend’s foundation, is harvested from our Upper Ridge Vineyard, located high atop Pine Mountain; there, intense sunlight tends to tame tannins, allowing for a nice mouthfeel. Bright fruit is welcoming to the palate allowing sweet earth and vanilla clove aromas to envelop the senses. Addition of Grenache allows for a raspberry, pomegranate pop in the middle-palate that lingers, ending in a soft finish. This is a great food wine. We recommend pairing with beef or chicken fajitas. Drink now or cellar for 6-8 years.

Vision is a South American blend of Malbec, Tannat and Merlot. Malbec, known for its savory blueberry and blackberry sensations, does not disappoint. Ripe fruit, smokiness, earth, leather, and tobacco flavors and aromas are ample. Moderate tannins that are smooth and silky, add structure to the wine with the help of tannin management. Merlot softens with a sweet entry, creating a very balanced wine with fruit that lingers.

Creation is an Italian blend of Teroldego, Lagrein, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Teroldego, known as the prince of Trentino, is tannic but allures with clean, bright fruit and gives this blend an intense ruby red color. The addition of Lagrein adds a rustic flare with black fruit, pepper and a nice minerality . Sangiovese softens, giving this wine its rounded structure. The sum of its parts creates a wine that is fruity, with intense aromas and a slightly tannic body and with sharp acids; this wine is a great food wine. Petit sirah drinkers will love this wine. Ready to drink now or cellar for 6-8 years.

Interpretation is a Rhône blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. Consider this your soft, silky cloud-in-your-mouth wine. Grenache gives the wine its raspberry and spice flavors. Syrah adds pep with earthy, smoked meat texture and aromas of anise and cinnamon. The finishing move, rounding the structure and bringing the silk, is the addition of Mourvèdre. The sum of this wine’s parts is a mouth-filling wine that has intense fruit through the finish with a nice balance of earthy spice. Ready to drink now or cellar for 6-8 years.

To learn more or to join the Artistry Club, click here. http://www.imagerywinery.com/wineclubs_info


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