What’s with the Parthenon?

Imagery Sangiovese label 1993

1993 Sangiovese label

The Imagery art gallery celebrates more than local talent. The collection features a broad cross-section of international artists from countries such as Brazil, China, Cuba, France,Germany, Canada, England, and Japan. At any given time, as many as 35 artists are working—without a deadline—on pieces that will appear on future Imagery wine labels.

Our curator, Bob Nugent, likes to allow his artists the freedom to create without limitations –  they are not limited by size, medium or content—with one exception: The work must include a likeness of the Parthenon (or section there-of) replica on the Benziger Estate.

“Part of Imagery’s history is that it came from Benziger, and the Parthenon represents that connection,” explains Winemaker Joe Benziger.”

Imagery 2013 Albariño label

2013 Albariño label

Imagery’s label art has a real “Where’s Waldo” feel to it. Sometimes the Parthenon is smack dab in the center of the art piece, while other times it’s nested so deeply that it takes six hawks to find it. It’s all part of the charm and whimsy of Imagery – exactly how Joe wanted it to be.
Make sure to look for it on your next great bottle of Imagery wine.

Parthenon at Benziger Winery

Parthenon structure at Benziger Family Winery

As for the actual replica Parthenon, it was on the Benziger Estate property when the Benzigers arrived in 1978 and we are sure it will stand for as long as we are here.  It serves as a great place to view the rolling vineyards and biodynamic insectary and we think it’s a fun conversation piece, whether you are viewing it from the estate or searching earnestly for it on on your next great bottle of Imagery wine.

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