Memorial Day Came and Went…Is it Cool to Wear White Now?

Imagery's Fete en Blanc

Fête en Blanc 2014

The short answer is: Yes, of course! This is California, you can pretty much pull off white any damn time you want.

But the better answer is that you can go ahead and wear white, but it probably won’t be as fun as wearing white at last Saturday’s ‘Fête en Blanc’ party at Imagery. Our great wine club members, guests and team members put on their brightest whites and hit the Imagery lawn for crisp white wines, pizza from the grill, oysters, bocce matches and great company.

Throughout the day, our guests enjoyed grilled pizza from Bob Blumer, host and co-creator of The Food Network’s Surreal Gourmet and Glutton for Punishment. Bob is a talented chef, try pairing our 2012 Imagery White Burgundy with his recipe for cauliflower steak sometime this summer. But he is also an artist who created the labels for two vintages of Imagery’s Code Blue wine, including this one, one of our favorites:

2010 Imagery Code Blue

Original artwork by Bob Blumer

Guests also enjoyed a welcome presentation from Winemaker Joe Benziger as well as some great music from Boomcase and fine wines to kick off the summer. If you are planning on entertaining this summer, we highly recommend you pick up some of our white wines while we still have them. Imagery’s wines are generally produced in small lots so your favorites don’t always last. We also recommend marking your calendars for next Memorial Day weekend 2015 when we’ll be doing it all over again!
In the meantime, check out some of the photos from last weekend’s Fête.

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